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About Company

Our team consists of qualified specialists with many years of experience in the industry. Our Head office in Kiev. The plant, which employs 19 people - in Sokirnitsa, Hust region. We will promptly respond to the situation, solve the whole range of emerging issues and listen carefully to each customer. We know all the nuances of the chain: from the quarry to the provision of freight cars and road transport (in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus), and solve problems with minimal losses and risk.

In 2011, developing manufacturing and increasing production volumes, we are the only in Ukraine registered the trademark - «ZEOLITE-BIO».

We produce various product fractions: from sand 0-1 mm  to rubble 40-70 mm, focusing on the requirements of the market.
In the summer of 2012 we have been producing of fine fractions ( up to 8 microns). The material is certified, packed in bags, weighing 10 kg, 50 kg and big bags of 1.0 ton.
Clinoptilolite in our zeolites - up to 85%, this is best result for minerals mined in CIS and European countries, and one of the best in the world.

We will be happy to answer your questions, advise and assist.

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