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application area

- Wastewater treatment and water basins (from heavy metals, ammonium nitrogen, blue-green algae, etc.);
- Trapping gases and odors, deodorizing;
- Rehabilitation and restoration of soils;
- Localization of landfills;
- The elimination of damage from man-made proishestviy;

           pulp and paper industry, film materials:
- Reinforcing filler for paper and containerboard;
- Reinforcing filler rubber and synthetic leather;

- Cleaning and regeneration of transformer oil and energy;
- Water for boilers and water heaters (deep cleaning);

- Livestock (feed, bedding, adsorber, septic tank);
- Poultry (mineral feed additive, litter, deodorant substance);
- Fish farming (cleaning medium stocking ponds, ammonia nitrogen converter - fish waste, shredder blue-green algae, the ion exchanger);
- Crop (a potent scavenger of soil aerator and - more effective than perlite and
vermiculite, battery water and fertilizer inputs, prolongator actions of organic and mineral components and water, ion exchanger, the moisture indicator);
- Reclamation;
- Production of organic-fertilizer and bio-active for long periods.

           food industry:
- Food additives, dietary supplements;
- Conservation products;
- Cleaning of food liquids, juices, wine materials, wort and beer products.

           Nuclear Energy:
- Filtration and adsorption of hazardous emissions;
- Capture and retention of radionuclides;
- Liquidation of consequences of emergency situations (Chernobyl, Fukushima);
- The creation of a safe sanitary zone around nuclear facilities, etc.

           consumer goods:
- Cleaning Products (nitrogen-free VMS);
- Means against domestic insects;
- Cat litter;
- Uncontested sand for chinchillas;
- Effective filters for aquariums.
- Deodorants, odor absorbers, sachet, flavorings etc.


         water supply and water treatment:
- Drinking water filters: industrial and domestic;
- Cleaning and softening of drinking water;
- Water to water utilities;
- Cleaning of circulating water.

         construction and building materials:
- The production of paints and varnishes;
- Manufacture of ceramic bricks and lime;
- The use of thermal and acoustic insulation;
- The production of superior grades of cement;
- The use in the manufacture of mortars of various applications;
- Binding component mixtures antislezhivatelnye additive in building materials, etc.

           petrochemical, chemical and gas industry:
- Cleaning, oil desalting and dehydration;
- Chemical catalysts and cracking processes;
- Industrial filters;
- Sorption separators (silica) materials;
- Gas dryers;
- Cleaners, deactivators, disinfectants and chemicals and floor drains, etc.

           medical and veterinary:
- Cleaning of insulin;
- Cleaning the blood;
- Drugs, sorbents, antiseptics, medicines dental direction;
- Treatment of skin and allergic diseases;
- Drugs to the gastrointestinal tract etc.

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