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ZEOLITE - amazing natural mineral which has a remarkable ability to absorb, store and release a variety of chemicals and nutrients, toxins and ions, depending on your needs. Millions of years ago Sokirnitskogo zeolite deposit was formed from glass components of volcanic ash. It is of volcanic origin zeolites have the greatest value. The huge proven reserves of zeolite (more than 100 million tons), are unique and have excellent performance for a wide range of applications in industry, medicine, agriculture and households

It opened more than 250 years ago and have been widely used since the 60's of the last century. The main value of the mineral - the content of clinoptilolite, and as impurities - montmorillonite, quartz, feldspar, opal, obsidian, etc.

Areas of their use are practically not limited to, from the family to the nuclear power plants. The unique features of these minerals have been studied and validated by scientists of many countries, and their use in various sectors increases from year to year. In the United States, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Holland, China, they help address a range of issues, from the production of building materials (as in China), to save the marine life (as in Japan). And in matters of ecology - CEOLITS indispensable assistants. Thanks, in large part, solved the problem of leaching of soils, deoxidation, desalination and water retention in soils Arab Emirates. And after Disasters (from Chernobyl to Fukushima), it have successfully helped eliminate the consequences.

An important parameter is also the possibility of ion exchanger zeolite. Ion exchanger properties of zeolites manifest the ability to exchange cations own disposed in the channels and cavities open to other ions and molecules in the contacted media! In adsorption and ion exchange of zeolites is selectively removed and give certain molecules or ions. Reactivity many zeolites adsorbed molecules rapidly and selectively increases, resulting in zeolites exhibit catalytic activity in many reactions underlie a number of industrial processes in petroleum refining, natural gas and other raw materials for the synthesis of various products. Under certain conditions, the adsorbed molecules can be removed and replaced by other exchangeable cations, which leads to the regeneration of zeolites and their participation in the multicyclic mode.


Perfectly works zeolites as sorbent: thanks to the channels and cavities that run through the crystals, the zeolite has a well-developed inner surface accessible to the adsorbed molecules. In dehydrated (dry) crystals channels with a diameter of molecular sizes! This allows them to "work" as a molecular sieve.
Line of products from 0.1 mm to 70 mm. Under the order, we manufacture almost everything required in various industries, the faction.

For those interested in composition of the zeolite of our career, we provide a passport (see documents) and the chemical composition of the minerals. Incidentally, clinoptilolite in it - to 85 %!

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